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Taylor works in digital retail helping agencies, apps and brands.

Some Of The Brands I've Worked With:


With his experience from Shopify's partner program Taylor was pivotal helping get ours established. I would (and do) highly recommend him if you're looking for guidance with your online store, we found great value in his strategic vision of the space.

Rob (Shopify App)

Taylor helped with our strategy going from B2B to B2C, his assistance with Shopify and network of agencies more than paid for itself both financially and time savings. He helped us discover an audience through Amazon which led to an additional $10M/yr in revenue.

Jason (Fortune 500 CPG)

We were introduced to Taylor from a mutual connection, he helped as our business was going through a high growth period scaling from $5m-$25m in 18 months. His rolodex was invaluable, he is connected to the best agencies for anything you could ever need.

Lauren (DTC Brand Founder)

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